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VK world record smashed at Fully Finals

The 2017 Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit closes with a new world record for the discipline at the Kilomètre Vertical® de Fully, Switzerland, Saturday, 21 October. Italian Philip Goetsch ...
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Dewalle and Goetsch repeat Limone victory

French woman Christel Dewalle is on a winning streak after three straight wins on the Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit. It was a repeat performance also for Italian Philip Goetsch at the ...
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Dewalle and Gachet Grand Serre winners

One of the shortest, steepest Vertical Kilometers in the world, the Verticale du Grand Serre took place on Sunday, October 1, representing the 15th stage of the Vertical Kilometer® World ...
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Dewalle crushes KM Chando record

It was a double Vertical Kilometer® and a double victory for French woman Christel Dewalle at Les KM de Chando in Switzerland, Saturday, September 23. In taking the win she also set a new record ...
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Orgué and Angermund victors at Mamores VK

Skyrunning World Champions Laura Orgué and Stian Angermund-Vik proved their prowess yet again in the Vertical Kilometer® at yesterday’s Salomon Mamores VK in the Scottish Highlands, not only ...
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Orgué and Donovan take Lone Peak VK

Spain’s Laura Orgué and American JP Donovan took the win at the Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer®, Friday, August 1, the first of the weekend’s trio of skyrunning races at Big Sky resort, ...
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