2018 Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit announced

Hilde Aders climbing at Blåmann Vertical, Norway. ©iancorless.com/VKWC

After launching last year, the 2018 Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit now takes shape. From sea to sky, up cliff faces, volcanoes, mountain summits and ski runs, this gravity-defying sport is becoming increasingly popular.

Defined as “uphill mountain running races that climb for 1,000m over less than 5 km”, the 2018 circuit features 11 races in six countries. It includes the world’s shortest and fastest races, the only triple VK and some 20-year-old classics.

The Red Bull K3, the world’s only triple Vertical Kilometer®, Italy. ©Damiano Levati

The novelty this year is that four races will award 50% bonus points for the final ranking which takes into account a maximum of the best six results. Top specialists will line up to score points for the Vertical Kilometer® male and female champion titles as well as the end of season bonus pool awarding €10,000.

The 2018 Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit is set to attract VK specialists from across the globe together with all those runners who want to get a high –  from just touching the sky!

Laura Orgué at Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer®. ©iancorless.com/VKWC

Calendar and scoring

2018 Vertical World Circuit

May 6             *Trentapassi Vertical Race                               3.4 km +1,050m      Marone, Italy

May 10            Transvulcania Vertical Kilometer®                     7.3 km +1,203m       La Palma Island, Spain

May 25           *Zegama-Aizkorri VK                                          3.0 km +1,015m       Zegama, Spain

June 1             Santana Vertical Kilometer®                                4.8 km  +1,003m       Santana, Portugal

July 6               KV Face de Bellevarde                                           3.0 km +970m          Val d’Isère, France

July 20            *DoloMyths Run Vertical Kilometer®            2.6 km +1,000m       Canazei, Italy

July 28             Red Bull K3                                                              9.7 km +3,036m       Susa, Italy

August 4         Blåmann Vertical                                                    2.7 km +1,044m       Tromsø, orway

Sept 22           *Les KM de Chando                                             7.7 km +1,970m      Chandolin, Switzerland

Sept 30            Verticale du Grand Serre                                     1.8 km +1,000m       Cholonge, France

October 12      Grèste de la Mughéra VK                                     3.7 km +1,080m       Limone Sul Garda, Italy


*Bonus races